Thursday, June 6, 2013

there's a science to walking through windows

eva's bakery // ken sanders rare books // ken sanders shelves // beauties

On Tuesday I had an appointment in Salt Lake which didn't last very long, so I took myself on a day date. I highly recommend this. There's something therapeutic and soothing about taking your sweet time shopping, eating and browsing. First I went to Gateway and City Creek and bought things and tried on dresses I never intended to buy. Then I had lunch at Eva's Bakery. I've seen it on Instagram so many times and have been so curious, so I satisfied my curiosity with lunch outside. It was pretty good, but nothing outstanding. Very cute ambiance though, and I'm sure they had delicious pastries. Finally I wandered into Ken Sanders Rare Books on my way out. One of my friends took her engagements here and ever since she posted them, I've wanted to visit. It's a bookworm's dream. Shelves and shelves of every book imaginable and every shelf was spilling over. My favorite section was the leatherbound collectibles. I dream of someday having a Beauty and the Beast library filled with these books and a ladder to get to the tallest shelves.

Today I was in Salt Lake again for Kylie's bridal luncheon. Tomorrow is her rehearsal dinner and Saturday is her wedding! It's going to be such a beautiful day, I can't wait. On the way to Salt Lake today I listened to the new Phoenix and The National albums. I really love Trouble Will Find Me
These last few days are going by so quickly. I want to freeze and fast forward time.

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