Wednesday, June 19, 2013

oh now is the start

ynna + preston // treats // xoxo // y  & p

Last night was my last time sleeping in my bed as Ynna Padilla. Tonight Preston and his mom fly into Philly!!!!!!!!! Tomorrow we set up the venue, shoot bridals and drive to DC. Friday we wed. WHAT?! Yes. 2 days I marry my best friend in the world. It's insane because this day has been consuming my thoughts since December and now it's less than 48 hours away.

Also last night, the Bennett family threw me the sweetest bridal shower in their lovely home. Sister Bennett is a second mother to me and it was so fun to celebrate with her and the women in my ward and Lancaster friends. It's been so nice to be home with the people I've grown up with my whole life and feeling such an outpour of love and support. 

So yeah. I'm getting married on Friday. littleynna(kutney)

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