Tuesday, February 11, 2014

j.crew fw14

A collection so dear to my heart. Not only am I employed by this company, but I am crushing hard on its creative director and queen, Jenna Lyons. This Sunday she made a guest appearance on HBO's Girls and I may or may not have re-watched her scenes until I had her lines memorized...is that weird. Um yeah so she killed it on Girls, so glamorous and impossibly chic and has the most soothing, crisp voice. Sorry. Ok, here are my favorite from J.Crew this morning.
To start, what a darling a-line skirt. I love the Bill Cosby sweater and chunky scarf paired with such a ladylike piece. Next, speaking of ladylike is this a dress or a coat? Do I care? This looks like something Jackie O. would wear and I don't know if I can rock it before I'm 55, but it doesn't stop me from being a fan.
J.Crew knows how to do menswear for women perfectly. Here's a perfect example. My favorite part of this look are the pants and the bowtie is a close second. Next is this fabulous bomber jacket in olive- such a staple color for fall. The sweater looks like Joy Division's Unknown Pleasures album and the pants look like a sick tat. 
Ok scarf yiiiikes. Sorry J. But dress! Baby likey. I think when that silk is used for pants they look like glamorous pajamas, but I'm all about the ombre sweater in the opposite look.
Another sick jacket/crazy pant combo. I love these pants and their slouchy fit. One of my fashion goals is to pull of pants that fit/look like a sweatpant or pajama with a pair of stilettos. Will keep you posted on how it goes. Finally, glitter pants! I do think these would look better with a more tapered cut, but if you're 5'10, 110 lbs. a lot of stupid things look chic.

Your homework assignments: read this article about Jenna and her Girls cameo and then watch said episode and then text me so we can squeal over Jenna. Here's a trailer for season 3 to get you excited. My girl is at 1:16

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