Saturday, February 8, 2014

sochi best dressed

Last night was the opening ceremonies for the Olympics, one of my favorite television events. It warms my heart to see the nations of the world coming together through sport. Maybe I get a little teary eyed when I see the lone athlete carrying their country's flag because THEY MADE IT and I'm just so proud of them. Also the host country always puts on a spectacular show illustrating their culture and history that I always find entertaining and educational. This year I was absolutely mesmerized by the ballet dancing re-enacting Tolstoy's War and Peace. Another favorite part is seeing each country's outfits. I have ranked my favorites on a scale a little different than my NYFW favorites. These are not necessarily the most chic outfits, but to me they were my favorites because they were unique and/or good representations of each country and/or chic.
7. Tonga
Half hideous/half cool, I thought these were sweet ski jackets that certainly represented Tonga's tropical climate. Plus these would actually be cool to wear skiing.

 6. Bermuda
Because they actually wear those exact outfits to work in Bermuda. Way to represent your country guys!
5. Germany
Willy Bogner for Adidas created these rainbow creations. Perhaps a political statement, but mostly one of the most memorable outfits of the night. These would also look cool on the slopes, pants included. 
4. Russia
Duh I would like the fur. They look a little bit Christmas-y, but very Russian and very warm designs by BOSCO. I enjoyed these luxe fur trimmed numbers and props to the host nation for a great opening ceremony.

3. Canada
Cute toggle coats and even cuter beanies and mittens by Hudson's Bay. Preston admitted to wanting a beanie. We are a house divided for these games.

2. France
Ok soooo chic. These are Lacoste and both the men's and women's coats are flyyy. A very very close second

1. USA
Say what you want about Team USA hosting an ugly sweater party but I am DOWN with these crazy knit wonders. Everything from the beanie to the turtleneck to that wild sweater to the white pants looks super American and in my opinion, super fly. I legitimately want one of the sweaters. Ralph, you've done it again.

Hope y'all enjoy the winter games this year. Go USA!


  1. I 100% agree about USA sweaters. They are a win! They are so Bill Cosby. Also, I love your blog per usual.

  2. Such a great idea and a great post! I totally agree with you on Tonga and Bermuda and Russia and France. Ok, all of the countries I guess ;)