Thursday, July 5, 2012

sweet land of liberty

 I have never been in Provo for the 4th of July until yesterday, and I think it was one of my favorite Independence Days to date. It kind of started the night before when I watched boys braver (and more reckless) than me set off fireworks and rode my bike up and down University Avenue to gawk at people. It was such a spectacle- hundreds and hundreds of people, mostly high schoolers, all dressed up, walking around. Granted, I was not much different, except for I was on a bike, but I just found it so weird and funny. 7-11 seriously looked like a baby frat party. Seeing all the people with tents and such set up for the parade made me remember all of the families that live in Provo. I have this mindset that Provo is composed of college kids, but the past 2 days have proved otherwise.

I got up on the morning of the 4th to watch the parade. Then I went to a barbecue with the Bakers. I'm not sure there was ever a more perfect example of an all-American family celebrating America than those beautiful people. Afterwards Preston and I went swimming. Then we walked around the carnival and ate treats. Then we swam some more. Then we watched most of the The Patriot, which is such a good movie! I had completely forgotten about all the dramatic parts right at the beginning and the fact that Heath Ledger was in it. Then we ate dinner. Then we watched the Stadium of Fire fireworks. Then we watched fireworks bought by people in Preston's ward, which were surprisingly impressive.
Yesterday felt like Saturday and all day I kept thinking, hm how shall I spend my Sunday? While watching fireworks, I got an overwhelming sense of nostalgia that has occasionally hit me on random nights this past summer. It's worse when I'm listening to music. But sometimes I just get so sad because all I can think about is how I will probably never be as carefree as I am this summer. This time next year I will have graduated from BYU. I'll probably be in grad school (please please please) or something. Something more stressful and grown-up than I am now and the thought almost makes my heart burst.

In addition to my nostalgia, I felt supremely grateful for the United States of America and the freedoms we do enjoy. I really love this country and feel guilty for not recognizing how lucky I am every day. I hope you all enjoyed your 4th of July and spent it with your favorite people doing American things.

Also I'm grateful that it's raining on this July 5th.

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