Monday, July 9, 2012

that place that i think of so often but now never mention

I know I promised to not blog for 6 weeks but I came across this entry whilst meandering the Internet and I saw the above image of the DC temple and my heart started to ache and my eyes started to water and I have half an hour before I leave and that's enough time to talk about my weekend and my love for this temple.

Everyone has their temple that's only theirs and no one else can have it. DC is mine. My family was sealed here when I was 7 or 8. I'm ashamed I don't remember the exact day. I'm going to ask my mom when I call her this afternoon. I don't have much to say about it except I remember such random aspects of that day like the giant cookies they gave us in the nursery or the family in my ward that accompanied us when we went and how much I love them and how Sister Hume always gives me the biggest hug every time I see her at church or how my brother was still kind of baby-sized and slept the whole time.
On Friday night I had the strange notion to suggest going on a hike for that evening's activities. I've only hiked the Y once and it was hard. Like really hard. I know it's just a quick one and people can run it and whatever, but I am not that fit I guess and found myself gasping for breath and whimpering for 98% of it. Sweet Preston was my life coach the whole time and even though I wanted to smack him, I'm glad he was patient with me and waited for me even though he could have easily ran up and down in the time it took me to get to the top. One of my favorite things about BYU is the fact that people call it the Y and there is a Y on the mountain and you can buy sweatshirts that have giant Y's on them. Y is for Ynna. After hiking we spent too much time in Target and then had ice cream. 
On Saturday morning I decided I wanted to go to a lake. Blythe, Emilee, Preston and I went to the (a?) reservoir in Spanish Fork. It kind of reminded me of where a UFO would land because it was just a bowl shaped body of water surrounded by concrete and sand. We had a good time and it was a nice change from swimming pools. Also I became more aware of how terrible of a swimmer I am. It's ok though. I'm surrounded by former swim coaches.
 Date me?

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