Friday, August 23, 2013

062113: temple + luncheon

June 21, 2013, Washington, D.C. In the temple where I was sealed to my family and received my endowments, I married Preston Kutney and it was the happiest day. These are the pictures from that day taken by the lovely Alex Steele. I could not be happier with how these have turned out. Alex works magic behind the lens and I was so pleased with how she captured this day.
iPhone nation, my handsome groom and our lovely families. 
Being sealed to Preston for time and all eternity in one of the most beautiful places in the world surrounded by the people I loved the most was one of the greatest and surreal moments of my life. I will never be able to adequately express my emotions from that day but it was everything I dreamed about since I was a little girl and more. You guys, getting married is the very best.
These people are the loves of my life. All of Preston's groomsmen are so dear to my heart and I will forever be the 5th roommate of Windsor Arms Apt. 12. And then are my perfect bridesmaids. These girls have been my best friends for the most important times in my life and I love them with all my heart. Will never be able to express my appreciation to all of you guys for flying out and being a part of our day. Ok groomsmen from left to right: my brother Nic, Preston's brothers Jared and Terrance, Callan, Danny, Kev and Grady. Bridesmaids left right: Kaile, Jadyn, Kylie, my sister Alyanna, Blythe and Maren. Thanks for being the prettiest and agreeing to wear matching dresses. I was so thrilled with how they turned out. And a tender moment with my sweet.
Wait let's talk about baby Kylie snuggling Preston hahaha. I love this picture and Preston's expression. My wedding planner and angel mother. I got engaged over Christmas break and then went back to school so my mom was left in Pennsylvania to plan a wedding. I wasn't worried at all because she has impeccable taste. I didn't even see my reception venue until two days before, and I loved it. And then my tall baby sibs. Alyanna looked so radiant and Nic so handsome. Cuuuuties.
Following the sealing we had a luncheon at Mrs. K's (get it?) Tollhouse, which was 10 minutes from the temple. It was the sweetest little restaurant, built like a house and so quaint, well-decorated and served bomb steak. Above are the cutest little parents sporting their traditional Filipino wedding attire and everyone enjoying each other.
Giggles, sweet baby sister's toast and my daddy probably calling me his princess.
This was where I let everyone give toasts and I cried and laughed a lot. Everyone's toast was so heartfelt and meant so much to us. I was so happy we decided to do the luncheon thing and the toasts because your wedding day is 24 hours of chaos, and these were a few intimate hours of laughing and sharing with our loved ones.

In order to avoid the longest blog entry ever written, I'm taking a cue from Kylie and saving reception pictures for another post. I'm so excited to share this day with you, so thanks for reading and check back for more wedding bliss! 

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  1. im so obsessed with you and this beautiful wedding