Tuesday, August 6, 2013

cupcakes and crewcuts

After what seemed like a fruitless search for employment, I stumbled upon 2 part-time jobs to occupy my time until I try and go back to school.

I started at Fluellen Cupcakes 2 weeks ago. It's a local cupcake shop that's a 5 minute walk from our house. I saw a "Now Hiring" sign and in a manner of 2 days, I was hired. It's a pretty sweet gig, literally and figuratively. My jobs include selling cupcakes, sampling cupcakes, occasionally sprinkling cupcakes and occasionally cleaning. Fluellen is new to downtown Dallas and is only in its 3rd week. It has a sister shop in Frisco called Dimples. Same cupcakes, different name. If you're ever in Dallas, I seriously recommend them. They are massive (Costco muffin sized) and have the most delectable flavors. The owner actually wants us to try every flavor so we can honestly give customers our recommendations. Ironically, I was hired at Fluellen and joined a gym the same day.
My second job brings me back to my first love. I applied for a bunch of retail jobs, since that seems to be the obvious next step for newlywed Mormon girls with full-time working husbands. Anthropologie didn't want me, but I had a few interviews at various stores, but when J.Crew called, it was the only one I really wanted. I didn't really need the second job, but had applied to retail positions before my cupcake find and was just starting to hear back. Also, the employee discount doesn't hurt when my husband and I are the poster children for J.Crew. I've worked at J.Crew Factory in Lancaster, and had a love-hate relationship with the brand because paychecks turned into cardigans. I haven't started yet, but I'm excited to work at my favorite store in the world again. 

I kind of apologize for the misleading title, but "cupcakes and j.crew" didn't have the same clever alliteration. And I occasionally sport the children's line... so what?

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