Wednesday, August 7, 2013

never thought i'd catch this lovebug again

obligatory concert snapchat turned selfie // super bored me asking high schoolers to take my pic for instagram

Once upon a time in 2007 or 8, I saw the music video for the song "SOS" on Disney Channel and decided I had to marry whoever the curly haired boy on the screen was. Thanks to the Internet, I fell hard for Nick Jonas and his two musical brothers. Many tears, screams and dollars later, I successfully attended 6 concerts- 5 starring the Jonas Brothers and 1 Nick Jonas concert. I had entered an absurd amount of contests in order to meet them, stayed up obscure hours and set alarms to buy pre-sale tickets and pushed a lot of girls to get closer to the man of my dreams.

5 years later I am newly married to the actual man of my dreams and have long let go of my infatuation for Nick and definitely Joe and Kevin. Content with never setting foot in a Jonas Brothers concert again, I randomly came across their 2013 tour dates and there it was. Dallas, TX- Gexa Energy Pavilion- August 6. Tickets from $29.50-$79.50. TWENTY NINE FIFTY? Unheard of. So I had to go. Hysterically, I asked Preston if we could go. Please, please, please can we go see the Jonas Brothers? PLEASE DAD. Because he truly is the man of my dreams and must actually like me, Preston agreed, but said I should go alone so we could save the $40. 
my ex-boyfriend // worst picture ever taken of the jonas brothers

And that's what happened last night. I attended my 7th Jonas Brothers concert, solo. I had a great time and made some high school friends. The highlight of my night was when they asked me what school I went to and I explained that I had recently graduated COLLEGE and moved to Texas because my HUSBAND got a job here. Hi old person. The actual best part was dancing and singing along to their hits from 3 years ago and still knowing every word. 

I can't talk about this night without mentioning my sweet Preston. Similar to my father's role when I was in high school attending JB concerts, Preston drove me to the venue, tried to find something to do for 3 hours and promptly waited in the parking lot until I was done to drive me home. I have the nicest husband!!! It warmed my heart how similar last night felt to many concert nights years ago. My dad was always the one who got stuck taking my sister and me to shows, but he always did it because he knew how happy it made us. I am a super lucky daughter and wife.
This picture is mostly to redeem myself from the above attempted shot of the JoBros. One time Alyanna and I got stupidly close to them in Philadelphia. This is still top 5 best concerts of my life. I touched Joe Jonas this night.


  1. I smiled the entire time I read this. I LOVE that you went alone cus it shows that you're a die hard fan hahahaha. You are the most adorable human being on earth Ynna. I'm so glad fate placed me as your neighbors freshman year!!!!