Thursday, August 15, 2013


fedora alternative // chair // a dumpster pool // soda tab robe // gorgonzilla

This past Saturday was a lot of fun because it involved brunch and food trucks. Mostly this post is about the food trucks. We went to the Design District Market held in the Dallas Design District (surprise) which was 10 minutes from downtown. It was a bunch of little stands and kiosks with everything from vintage dresses to wall murals to retro furniture to juice cleanses. It was hot as hell as usual, and before we went to the market, we read about a potential dumpster converted into a swimming pool. I was a little bit concerned, but any excuse to cool down in the Texas heat, I will take. So we came prepared to swim, but the dumpster pool looked as trashy as it sounded and we decided against joining the other design patrons. 

For dinner, I got the best grilled cheese sandwich. This post is about that sandwich. I love food trucks they have some of the most delicious foods and SO MANY KINDS all in one square. So like tacos with chili fries with a sno-cone with a milkshake is totally plausible and all within arms length. The design district food trucks did not have as much variety, but I the Gorgonzilla grilled cheese truck caught my eye and won my heart. I'm obsessed with brie so I got the Brie-Zilla sandwich and now I must share the recipe because it was the most delicious grilled cheese of my life.


Muenster cheese
Caramelized onions
Thick white bread

Not quite sure the exact amounts of each, but it's not that hard to determine how much cheese to put in a sandwich you know? I haven't made it yet but I'm excited to. 

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