Thursday, September 11, 2014

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I am impressed with myself for being able to pare down these collections to top 3 looks. First we have Alexander Wang, another Asian man close to my heart. Just kidding, but I am always excited to see what this guy has up his sleeve. This season had a very athletic vibe and I read a review citing the Nike Flyknits as inspiration. First look I chose because of the pants. Sadly I can't pull of the high waisted look, but if you can do it like this. Second look I can totally see the Flyknit inspiration. It's like they made a sneaker into a dress. Finally I chose the last look because of the pairings of the geometric, masculine leather-y armor top to the feminine pleats of the bottom.
Mary-Kate and Ashley continue to bewilder and fascinate me and I will always have a special place for those weirdos in my heart. I remember I was in 8th grade when I bought my first copy of W because MK was on the cover and deciding to save the rest of my allowance for a mint green Balenciaga bag. LOL. I still feel a tenderness in my heart when I see those motorcycle bags today. Ok. Back to the collection. When asked about it the twins replied, "Raw silks." Got it. I got a samurai vibe with all the wrapping, but also a very pure, ethereal feel with the long hemlines and minimal blouses. I liked their little ode to themselves with the Birkenstock-esque sandals and I will forever blame Preston for not letting me jump on that summer trend.
I feel a certain loyalty to Prabal Gurung because of the one time in 2010(?) when he tweeted at me. Besides our online relationship, Prabal is a fantastic designer, always evolving and a popular choice with Hollywood's elite. This collection was very wild and colorful, much like collections past. The first look I chose because of the space age pants. Second because ruffles. Third because it looks like a Rothko on a dress.
I was not able to narrow down Prabal to 3 looks, and this fourth one was actually the opener of the show. It kind of reminds me of something Cher would have worn in Clueless. Next was the Marc by Marc Jacobs show, which honestly was kind of a letdown for me. Luella Bartley and Katie Hillier have taken over the label and turned the girls into punky little ninjas, which is fine, but honestly the whole thing was like a less cool version of Marc's Fall/winter 2011 collection down to the use of House of Harlot for kinky latex accessories. I did like the two looks I chose, the first because I can't figure out if it's 2 separate pieces or one dress and the second because it's a cropped polo shirt.
Oscar was sooo beautiful this season I was in love with the flower-y backdrop and impossibly feminine looks for spring. The first look was my favorite of the show and I really, really want to see someone in this for the Golden Globes or Oscars. I think it's the prettiest color combination and so tastefully chic. Second I picked a more playful look, but still demure with the long sleeves. I think a great pick for Hailee Steinfeld or Elle Fanning. Finally I picked this last look because it was one of the more Bohemian looks of the collection but still has that classic Oscar feel. Karlie Kloss made the comment that no one makes a woman feel more beautiful than Oscar and I have to agree. One of my very favorite designers in the world, he presented a gorgeous, ladylike collection that I can't wait to see next spring.
Rodarte was really cool. The girls and clothes looked like mermaids in an iceberg space vortex. I was waiting for a unicorn to come trotting in with Kate and Laura. My absolute favorite pieces were the coats in looks 1 and 2, particularly 2. Everything from the military structure to the giant pockets with leather closures screams COOL GIRL to me. I love love love this jacket. And finally I chose a very mermaid dress to illustrate the overall vibe of the show. 

Got a few more shows to look at and I will be all wrapped up with New York Fashion Week! See you in London/Paris/Milan ;)

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