Monday, September 29, 2014


I have always wanted a bike basket because they are practical and adorable so a few weeks ago I finally bought one on eBay and my life has never been the same.
This photo was taken 2 Sundays ago in the Swiss Avenue Historic District of Dallas. It's a really lovely neighborhood not too far from downtown with gorgeous old houses. Pretty neighborhoods are my favorite places to bike through so I was excited when Preston shared this one with me. 
Yesterday we biked along the Trinity Skyline Trail and I found SUNFLOWERS free for the picking! Ever since I got my bike basket I tell Preston I need some flowers and/or a puppy to put inside (the puppy would only be for temporary bike ride use and not to keep, those of you questioning my animal dislike) to complete the look and for all my dreams to come true. I hopped off my bike and gathered as many sunflowers as I could because they are beautiful and free. I put them in my basket and smiled all the way home.

If you think you need a new bike, you probably just need a bike basket cuz it will honestly feel like a new ride and costs a fraction of the price.

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  1. you are the cutest bike rider and i love your writing esp about smiling all the way home