Tuesday, September 23, 2014

called to serve

Oh what a happy weekend it has been. On Saturday morning I flew to Philadelphia so I could be home for Nic's farewell talk on Sunday. My trip was way too short (Saturday morning-Monday morning), but still so very happy. Nic has chosen to serve a 2 year service mission for our church and he will be in Melbourne, Australia speaking Mandarin!!!! He reports to the Missionary Training Center on October 1 and this past Sunday he spoke in church about how we can be missionaries in every aspect of our life. My favorite part about Nic's talk was when he said that despite the fact that he has a formal call and assignment to do missionary work, he is not any more important than the rest of us when it comes to missionary effort. We all have the same responsibility whether or not we have a nametag to bring souls unto Christ. I am really proud of my little brother because even though I still think he's a goof, he has grown up into such a bright and shining disciple of Christ and I know he will make a wonderful missionary.
Besides getting to see my family, Blythe, Kaile, Jadyn, Sean and Drew all made it to Lancaster this weekend as well. I met Blythe and Kaile in 2007 when we attended EFY in Buena Vista, Virginia. I was roommates with Maren and we became fast friends with Blythe and Kaile. They lived in North Potomac, Maryland so throughout high school we visited each other back and forth on the weekends. Eventually Blythe went to BYU a year before us and then we followed. We have all lived together at some point (except for Maren and me oops) and Maren, Blythe, Kaile and Jadyn were bridesmaids in my wedding. I love these girls with all my heart and was so happy to snuggle with them this weekend.
Here is a group picture of all of us after church on Sunday. Nic gave a great talk and we enjoyed each other's company. I was excited to meet Drew and to see my best friends for a few days. It's always hard to leave home, but this time was especially sad when I said goodbye to Nic at the airport. I know he will be great and I'm so impressed with his decision to serve the Lord for 2 years. My heart goes out to all the full-time missionaries and their families. Your sacrifices are such an integral part of our church and we love you for all you do.

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